M.I. Scarrott, Christian Author
RFIDs and their significance

Do you know what an RFID is?  In my book, The Doorkeeper, I discuss this topic.

An RFID is a radio-frequency identification tag. Since its approval by the Food and Drug Administration, RFIDs have been marketed in the United States under a variety of brand names.

The RFID is a microchip; it is about the size of a grain of rice. RFIDs contain a unique 16-digit number identifier that, when accessed, relays information; frequently a person's medical history. This technology is already being used by some hospitals that include RFIDs in wearable items, such as identity bracelets, to correctly identify mothers and their newborn infants. The microchip can also be implanted under the skin; usually in the right hand.

The RFID is also being used by many companies and manufacturers to track their inventory as a warranty against theft, for maintenance, and other completely legitimate reasons. They may also be used in employee badges to monitor the movement of personnel for safety and security reasons.

While this technology has numerous beneficial aspects, it is easy to imagine how unethical people might abuse it. If your clothing, shoes, cell phones, and/or computers contain RFIDs, then someone with a RFID reader to track and monitor your movements.

The chip seems logical and practical, and that may be why it may prove to be dangerous. To the average, ordinary, intelligent man or woman, it would make complete sense to implant a small, harmless chip under the skin for their protection. It is a painless and efficient way to access medical history and credit card and identification numbers, which could save lives.

Regardless of logic or practicality, however, RFID microchips appear to be a precursor to the “mark of the beast” predicted in the book of Revelation, and that makes it perilous.

The man of lawlessness, the man who desires to become the great world leader who will rule over the earth, is coming;he may be already alive, moving forward with his plans to exalt himself as God. How easy it will be for him to control the world if he can track and control the movement of people and goods. Isn’t that the purpose behind “the mark of the beast”? Isn’t it a form of economic control? It all seems so harmless, except that receiving the mark will be an act of subjugation, of servitude; the abasement of mind and body to a man.

Why is this so serious?
Taking the “mark of the beast” is tantamount to committing spiritual suicide. The writer of the Revelation stated that anyone taking the mark would “drink of the wine of the wrath of God…be tormented with fire and brimstone…and…have no rest day or night.”[1] Just thinking about it makes me wince. There are many antichristian forces and attitudes increasingly at work in the world; therefore, we must beware. As Christ said to His followers:

Matthew 10:16
16Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. KJV

Christians must study the Word of God, so they will not be deceived by the devil, or his messengers.

[1] Revelation 14:9-11 KJV