M.I. Scarrott, Christian Author
My Bio

Inspire, Illuminate, Challenge:
As an author and teacher, my first desire is to communicate with my reader in a way that inspires, illuminates, and challenges. As a Christian, I hope to entertain and edify other believers while enlightening those who know little or nothing of Christianity so that they might further explore its tenets.

All of my adult novels chronicle the life of Rachel Todd-Elliott, my protagonist. Her story begins with sorrow as she endeavors to deal with the anguish and pain caused by betrayal and divorce. In spite of the difficulties she faces, Rachel's journey is one of hope and inspiration as she allows her faith and courageous spirit to help her carve out a new life for herself. Already a philanthopist, her new beginning becomes the catalyst that motivates her to reach out and help others in a new way.

My novels are filled with a variety of characters that have strengths and weaknesses many will be able to identify with and relate to. I have endeavored to use their struggles to help us explore positive ways in which we might resolve the many problems we face in the complex world we live in.

In 2008 I published my first children's story, Lady Grace. It is designed to teach children the importance of respecting themselves, one another, their community and environment.  In 2016, I finished my second children's story, Lady Mercy. It should be in print later in the year.

Personal History:

My own earthly pilgrimage began in Tarrytown, New York where I was born. My family moved to California some years later where I grew up.  After I married my husband, Chuck Scarrott, we lived in the San Fernando Valley and then Simi Valley, which was our home for nearly thirty years. We raised our three daughters there, and they have all since married and moved to other states. In 2008, we moved to Gilbert, Arizona to be nearer to family.  We have one small grey poodle named Bisou and a white named Lamby.

I pray that you will enjoy these works, created first and foremost to glorify God.

Margaret I. "Peggie" Scarrott

2 Cor 10:17 "But he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord." KJV

Contact Information:
E-mail me at miscarrott@juno.com for interviews, appointments, and further information. Thank you for your interest in my books.