M.I. Scarrott, Christian Author
Miry Clay: Behind the scenes

I love to read; and in particular, I love mysteries. Throughout my novels I’ve included some of the names of my favorite authors. I’ve read Agatha Christie’s novels, and all the Perry Mason Mysteries written by Erle Stanley Garner.

While the main characters of my novels move from one location to another, Rachel’s home base is her ancestral estate located on the central coast of California. As a frequent visitor to other California cities, I have used her travels to highlight some of their interesting sights.

In the city of Ventura, the home of Myra Clayborn, a character introduced in Out of the Miry Clay, Rachel passes by the old law offices once inhabited by Erle Stanley Gardner. Those offices were located in the First National Bank Building at 494 East Main Street, on the corner of Main and California. His office address was 21 South California Street.  It was south of City Hall where he fought his legal battles.