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Planted by the Rivers of Water

"A very enjoyable book with characters I quickly came to care about and a situation that happens frequently—a middle aged man taking off with a much younger woman...I found Rachel to be a very inspiring lady—I enjoyed reading about a woman who had the strength and faith to try a new life style—and to listen to God's guidance on how to live her life."
Janet Abernethy, professional reader, PREP Publishing

Planted by the Rivers of Water and Lady Grace are reviewed on their website. 


A friend gave me your books and I surely enjoyed them.You opened up my eyes to a lot of things, and for that I thank you. More power and keep writing. In this time and age we need faith, confidence and hope that there is a higher being to lean to when everything else fails. Your main character in your books should inspire the more affluent portion of our society to share and that money is not really the root of all evil, if used properly.
Lou, Simi Valley, California

Though I've enjoyed all the books in the series, and in particular the character of Rachel, "Under the Shadows" is my favorite. The foreboding atmosphere that develops due to a mysterious stalker reminds me of times in my life when I am overcome by the shadows of danger or disappointment. Instead of giving in to fear, Rachel trusts the Almighty for the outcome of her life. I found the book to be as inspiring as it is entertaining. A must read!
Beatrix Duvar, Newberg, Oregon

I've enjoyed the journey of Rachel's life and the Biblical teachings too along the way in all of the books by M.I. Scarrott. Some teachings are very bold, while other's are a bit harder to "see". The descriptions of settings and characters are very detailed and not to mention the delicious foods along the way are mouth watering. I'm still waiting for the cookbooks to be published!
Amy Kaylor, Queen Creek, Arizona

"The Doorkeeper, a novel by M.I. Scarrott, is absolutely amazing. I couldn't stop reading it and I ended up reading it in just two days. I have read the four previous novels, and this one is, in my opinion, the best. The author keeps you hooked with intrigue and at the same time makes you "read between the lines" to ponder on issues like biomedical ethics, genetic engineering, and Bible prophesy. The story of Rachel and Christopher Elliott is not only interesting but it is also a learning tool to realize how our lives are affected by the world. Great read!!!
Violeta Valladares, Simi Valley, California

What a blessing it is to be challenged spiritually and entertained at the same time. 

This story creates an opportunity for the reader to dig deeper into the spiritual levels the story has to offer or simply enjoy the unconditional love and dedication to God, each other and family as shown by Rachel and Christopher. With such a decline in people committing to one another, these two people are serving one another in a marriage. It is refreshing to read about commitment and the wonderful blessings that come from being steadfast.

Rachel's involvement in the community to restore the lives of young women and families by offering safe havens is a challenge to any woman. Rachel could have pulled the covers over her head and wallowed in self-pity over her failed first marriage, rather, she forgave and persevered because she wasn't reliant on a man rather than God. 

As a woman in our culture today, I find Rachel's ability to seek compassion and forgiveness for a man who has threatened her privacy and safety, humble and selfless. We can forgive, however, that doesn't mean we trust the un-trustable, we just let go of the poison that we carry in our hearts called bitterness which is caused by anger, fear and lack of forgiveness.

Christopher is a supreme example of how to be a man of character in the movie industry with tremendous popularity and a husband which a woman can trust, respect, honor and cherish without reservation. I am fortunate enough to be married to a man like this and my heart desires to serve him as my partner for life and in life. 

If you want to be challenged as a man or woman to have strong healthy relationships with a twist of the evil realm that exists around us, refresh your opinion on love, family and friendships, have a fascination with bridges, grab this enjoyable, easy read and take it all in. 
Linda E. Hornbek, Simi Valley, California