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I have included in this section some articles that explain portions of my novels, insights into why I created certain characters or background information.  Many have asked if my characters are based on fact or if they are pure fiction: My response is that in some ways they are both.

If you haven't already read the novels, you may want to read them prior to reading through this section as parts of the plot will be revealed.

My novels and the characters I have created are fictional.  On occassion, I have incorporated some of my personal family history as the basis for one or more of my characters and their lives.

In my first novel, Planted by the Rivers of Water, my protagonist, Rachel Todd, is facing the probabilty that her marriage of almost three decades will end in divorce.  She decides to return to her ancestral home, where she once found solace after the tragic deaths of her parents and younger brother, to help rebuild her shattered life.

The facts:

In 1951, my maternal grandparents and two uncles were killed in an automobile accident. My mother's half-sister, a young girl at the time, was the only survivor. I used this tragedy as the basis of Rachel Todd's life.

Many of the articles in this section deal with the characters I have created, and from where they have arisen.

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