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The arrival of the New Year brings many opportunities, especially for growth, as we encounter complex and exciting challenges.  

The Rachel Todd series I completed in 2021 with the publication of the final novel, The Tempest comes Before Joy, culminates with Rachel and her husband, Chris, fighting their last battle against evil.

This novel follows each of the previous five in that they all deal with ordinary problems anyone might encounter.

We meet Rachel Todd in Book One, Planted by the Rivers of Water, designed to teach about betrayal and divorce.

In Book Two, The Pilgrimage, rebuilding a shattered life takes place.

In Book Three, Under the Shadow, Rachel faces unreasonable fear and the dangers of stalking.  I have also included a recording of the song "Under the Shadow," music by Josh K. Abbott, lyrics by me with assistance from Michelle L. Abbott.  You will be able to hear an old recording on the Under the Shadow page.

In Book Four, Out of the Miry Clay, is the darkest novel on how God delivers those suffering from unbearable brokenness.

In Book Five, The Doorkeeper teaches the importance of watching over and protecting the souls of others.

In Book Six, The Tempest Comes Before Joy, strategic thinking and planning for inevitabilities.

Echoing one reader's comments, I endeavor to share my faith in a non-preachy manner.  Read some of my latest novel's reviews below. 

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The Tempest Comes Before Joy is the sixth and final novel in Rachel Todd-Elliott Series.  Share in Rachel’s sorrow and in her joy as you discover the gripping end that leads to an unexpected beginning.                                                            

Rachel Todd-Elliott’s struggles continue as she faces great personal loss.   California wildfires threaten her home and property, and the relentless winds driving the flames leave her with little hope anything can be salvaged.  Waiting was difficult.  As Rachel perused her past journals, she recalls many defining challenges and one pivotal moment in particular: meeting Adriano Rinaldi for the first time. 

Adriano greeted Rachel and Christopher, her husband, as they entered the dining room.  His smile was more a sneer than a pleasantry.  His penetrating eyes drew her attention.  Similar to those of a large cat, they were somewhat hidden in the shadows, but the smoldering fire behind them appeared stoked by the anticipation of battle and conquest.



David Davieau, California; Reviewed on February 5, 2021

Verity, Arizona; Reviewed on March 10, 2021

William B, California: Reviewed  on February 16, 2021

Violeta Valladares, California; Reviewed on February 9, 2021

What an amazing book! The life of Rachel Todd-Elliott has its ups and downs making this novel so interesting and personal at the same time. The vivid and beautiful description of the "Castle" made me want to live there. What makes The Tempest Comes Before Joy so inspiring, are the biblical truths from the Old and the New Testament intertwined throughout the novel. As I was reading it, I felt a new sense of boldness, as it becomes clear that we are actually living those days where “the devil pursues us all in one way or another”; but as Christians, we have protection and salvation through Jesus Christ. And the ending was so surprising that I had to read it twice, as I was not expecting it at all. Having read all the novels in the series (each amazing), I have to say this one is my favorite. I encourage everyone to read it and allow it to enrich your life. Can't wait for the next series from this wonderful and wise author! 

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The Rachel Todd series began in 1995 with my first novel, Planted by the Rivers of Water. It was published in 2000.  Four novels followed: The Pilgrimage, Under the Shadow, Out of the Miry Clay and The Doorkeeper. 

The sixth and final installment of the Rachel Todd series is: The Tempest Comes Before Joy.  It is  finished and available for purchase.  If you would like a copy of the book, go to my orders page.  If you would like a Kindle copy, check out Amazon.com.  It should be posted there soon.

For those interested in listening to the song composed by Josh Abbott and myself, you will find an old recording on the Under the Shadow page.  The cost of the new book is $10.00.  Discounts for large purchases are available.

My two children's books are titled, Lady Grace and Lady MercyI am currently working on the third in the series, Lady FaithMy chipmunk family and their animated friends will face many new adventures and challenges to overcome.


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In addition to providing information about each novel, I posted several articles that you may enjoy along with some prose and poetry. Several of these provide explanations for the biblical portions of my books.

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LADY MERCY is my newest children's title!!!

Lady Mercy, my second children's story, is now available in print and on Kindle. Insights into my reasons for writing my children's stories maybe found on My Titles Page. Click here.

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The illustrations for my new book were designed by Emily Shultz, who also did the illustrations for Lady Grace.  

Emily has created 14 new black and white sketches to help readers visualize the adventures of the Faithful family and their chipmunk community.  They are truly delightful!!  

Emily is a gifted artist and can be contacted by e-mail at: e.schultz07@gmail.com. She designed this lovely cover for Lady Mercy.

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